Monday, January 30, 2012

First Day at Work Post Surgery

Considering I had a rough night last night today was a great day.  I was really busy but it wasn't stressful busy like most days.  I had tons of phone messages and emails and three offers for a Pediatrician, FPOB and ER Physician a long with three phone interviews but it wasn't too bad.  Could it have helped that I told myself before walking in that I would not let the craziness that is my work life get me down?  Could it have helped that I prayed on my way to work and asked God for help and support to get through my first day back after almost a week off?  I had worked part of the day Thursday and Friday but it was really just to keep up with messages and positions so I wouldn't be so overwhelmed today.  I didn't leave work until 5:15 but it wasn't a bad thing, traffic was even lighter today than usual.

After work I picked up Bubba, my nine year old, from my parents and then headed home.  Chuy called to ask me what was for dinner.  I was kind of surprised cause usually the SIL has dinner done by the time I get home.  She was really tired from her weekend away so decided to hit the sack early and get some rest.  We ended up making Sloppy Joe sandwiches and fries. No, it wasn't the healthiest dinner but it sure scored quite a few points with the kiddos.  Bubba loves these messy sandwiches and little one, we call him BooBoo, loves the fries. It was nice to have the kitchen to ourselves and just share in the responsibility of making dinner.  I missed this part of our life and told Chuy.  He admitted that he liked us working together but he did not really like the "cooking" part.  I'll let him have that one.

After dinner I went to relax for a little while, I could feel a little irritation from my incision so decided to take some "feel good" pills and relax.  Bubba and I watched "Who's Still Standing" a little while and then Bubba and Booboo jumped into the shower.  I love to hear them play and get along and considering they are seven years apart they do get along well.  Bubba is a great Big Brother, he has to be cause after all Booboo is not like him at all.  Bubba is 9 going on 40, he has such an old soul; often so serious and patient.  Where Booboo is full of energy, never stops, is loud and does not know what patience is.  It's amazing how different they are but it's more amazing how much they love each other.

So I didn't eat too well today.  Not because I didn't want to but because I ended up going out to run errands with the gals for lunch and we stopped at McDonald's.  I ended up having a cheeseburger, fries and an orange drink.  It wasn't as healthy as the Lean Cuisine meal I had taken to eat for lunch but it was not as bad as it could have been.  I only ate half the small fries cause I shared with my coworker (remember the person I talked about that says she can't eat when she's stressed).  Tomorrow has to be better and I will make sure it is.  I have to bask in the blessings I had today; the time with the love of my life and my kiddos and the fact that I had a no stress work day.  God, if you're listening I could use more of these days and in case I forget, thanks for today.

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